1. What camera brands and lenses are available at T-stop?

We rent all relevant digital cameras and accessories designed by Arri, RED, Sony, Canon and other industry leaders. Our wide selection of modern and vintage optics includes Cooke, Carl Zeiss, Fujinon, Angenieux, Kowa, Duclos, Kinoptik, Canon and many others.

2. What does the three-day week rental mean?

You keep gear for seven days and pay for three.

3. What about the one-day weekend deal?

Saturday and Sunday count as one day. In other words, if you pick up on Friday and return on Monday, your rate will be based on one rental day.

4. What are your pick-up and return times?

You can pick up after 1pm.  Returns are expected before 11am.

5. Do you ship out of state/town?

We ship our gear to those clients whom we have established relationships with.

6. What paperwork do I need to fill out?

Our rental process is simple. You just need to fill out our forms  and provide us with your certificate of insurance. That’s it.

7. Do I need insurance?

In most cases, yes. If you rent gear with a lower value, we might make an exception by placing a hold on your credit card in lieu of insurance.

8. Do you offer a student discount?

Yes. You’d just need to show us a proof of your academic status.

9. Do you offer special deals for long-term rentals?

Most definitely. We’re aware that long-term projects require flexibility.
We’re especially excited to collaborate with filmmakers who shoot their projects in California. This is why we offer special discounts to those who film locally and support our local economy.

10. Can you help us hire a crew member?

Sure. We have relationships with many talented directors of photography, camera assistants, producers, production managers, sound mixers, grips and other industry professionals. We’d love to connect you with them.

11. What are your hours?

Our regular hours are Monday through Friday from 9am to 6pm.  We’re also open on Saturdays for quick gear pick-ups or returns by appointment only.

12. How long has T-Stop been around?

Since 2004.