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What Easyrig should I choose?

Your choice should be based on two main factors: camera weight and Easyrig arm length.

Easyrig Vario 5 can be used with cameras weighing up to 38 lbs. If your camera exceeds 38lbs, you should use Easyrig Cinema 3 instead. You can choose between EasyRig 3 700N or EasyRig 3 850N.

All Easyrigs can be used with arms of 2 different lengths:
5” adjustable arm
9” extended adjustable arm

Your selection of a proper arm length should be based on the following simple principle - your Easyrig’s suspension cord should drop as vertically as possible to your camera’s handle. This will ensure the rig’s safest and most efficient performance.

For instance, you plan to shoot with a minimally accessorized RED camera mounted on a DGI Ronin gimbal. You’ve determined that you need the model that holds the weight of 20lbs. However, you’ve realized that the Easyrig with a 5” arm doesn’t work for you due to the gimbal’s close proximity to your body. In this case, your choice of the extended 9” (or Serene with a 5” arm) would solve the issue because those longer arms would allow you to operate the gimbal on a comfortable distance from your body.